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Our total commitment is to the holistic development of your child. As a result, our teaching is based on the Cayman Islands Early Years Curriculum. The latter targets the complete development of your child while maximizing his/her learning experience. It is designed to unlock your child's educational potential and unleash his/her creativity. This is because it focuses on four critical areas for learning and development: exploration, respect, communication, and well-being.

Learning outcomes based on the above criteria are established for each age group; therefore the teaching and lesson plans for each of our classes are established within this framework. In an effort to continually deliver the best to our students, we partner with senior educators from the Ministry of Education who provide continual on-site training at our school.

Our children are strategically grouped with other children in their specific age group which enables them to play and grow with others that have similar skills and abilities and are at the same stage of development both physically and emotionally.

Our teachers are involved in memberships and associations that enhance their teaching experience. For example, we are members of the Cayman Islands Early Childhood Association. Ms. Bern is our activities coordinator and is quite instrumental in constantly planning educational field trips for our little ones. Please visit our gallery to see a few of our fun-filled field trips and activities!

Here are our classes:

Dumbo and Forrest


6 weeks- 12 months

Winnie the Pooh 

1 year -2 years

Curious George

 2 years- 3 years


3 years-4 years  


4 years-5 years